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Singing Sands - 多伦多旅游景点,花瓶岛,尼亚加拉大瀑布,水族馆,动物园,白求恩故居,千岛湖

Singing Sands

Beech Loop Trail,Tobermory,N0H 2R0,Ontario,加拿大

Singing Sands beach has been described as one of the most charming beaches on theBruce Peninsula. It is said to inspire a calming feeling to all those who visit.   I wanted to experience this for myself and see if this feeling of peacefulness, without thought or care, would occur.

I had high expectations for the visit and was thrilled when it exceeded all of them!

Singing Sands Beach

It was mid-afternoon (July), with the sun basking down, as I drove north towards Tobermory.  Turning onto Dorcas Bay Road, the beach entrance revealed itself quickly. I  parked close to the picnic tables and restrooms that were obviously very convenient for day-trip visitors. 

singing sands parking

Grabbing my camera gear, I strolled down a small wooden boardwalk towards the beach.  It opened up to an expansive, flat beach that is longer than it is wide. Large puddles of water speckled the beach and created sparkles of reflecting sun rays.  An internal feeling of relaxation rolled over me as I stood there in tranquility for a few minutes.

Singing sands beach is part of the Bruce Peninsula National Park located near Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. 
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Ontario Beach Picnic

As I approached a couple on the beach, I was greeted by the delicate aroma of fresh herbs, tomatoes and meatballs? Meatballs, really?


They had cooked a fresh Italian dinner with a portable cooker. I was interrupting their romantic meal but they welcomed me anyway. At each National Park that they have stayed at, there have found the opportunity for a healthy meal near some true natural beauty. It occurred to me that this was a wonderful idea! When families stay at Bruce Peninsula National Park, they could find countless picturesque spots to sit down and have a special meal together.

The beach seemed to be a focal point for those to relax and it was really living up to all the local hype.


  1. Part of the Bruce Peninsula National Park that has camping sites
  2. Home to Sand Dunes, fen, wetlands, dolostone barrens, cedar swamp
  3. 3 trail loops "2 that are beach focused"
  4. There’s a beautiful wetland boardwalk trail
  5. Pets must be on a leash at all times
  6. No open fires allowed
  7. The fen boardwalk has a variety of plants and flowers (My favourite are the orchids)
  8. Popular spot for bird watching
  9. Located on Lake Huron directly at Dorcus Bay

Family day at Lake Huron beach

Another family, visiting from Seattle, told me of their journey across Ontario and how they had also heard great things about this beach. When they arrived, the mother and daughter had run into the water and begun splashing about. The father sat back and kept a watchful eye on the skyline in hopes of glimpsing a Blue Heron. It was the son's antics, though, that intrigued me the most. He had dug a large hole in the sand and made himself a small spa to sit in. He told me that it was warmer than the flowing waters of Lake Huron and that it was his idea of fun at the beach.

boogie board ontario

A local was in the midst of teaching his friend how to boogie board in these puddles and he made it look all too easy! A boogie board is a very thin and somewhat rectangular board that traps the water beneath it and floats effortlessly across the top allowing the rider to ride through these small puddles. He explained to me that these shallow puddles that are a key feature of Singing Sands Beach are “the perfect place to practice and learn Boogie Boarding.”

Now, it reminded me of puddle jumping on snowboards and skiis, so I had to try it out, and I can say without a doubt that it is a blast!

singing sands beach art

All in all, I have to say that these people confirmed to me that this beach is one of the many hidden treasures of Bruce County.  Singing Sands Beach can truly offer a sense of relaxation and peacefulness. It is a gorgeous spot that seems to call to those that are looking for those feelings.

When in Tobermory, you should really consider visiting Singing Sands Beach.

on 17-05-2016
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